About Me


I am passionate about flowers and the natural environment and my parents and grandparents loved all things botanical too.  ​My grandfather was an avid collector of orchids, tillandsia, and succulents.


It was an absolute pleasure to include one of his tillandsia plants which he gave me over 20 years ago in my Hampton Court Design. He would have been thrilled to have seen it amongst all the fine exhibits in the Floral Marquee and on T.V! 

 Designing and creating in three dimensions has always been natural to me and I originally studied fashion and textile design at the London School of Fashion (which is part of the London Institute) before my botanical passion took over. I started to train in floristry at Canterbury College when my children were little and I've not looked back since!


In keeping with my former training, I still love to use textiles, ribbons, and beads, etc., in many of my designs.​


 I live in Canterbury, Kent. UK