Frequently asked questions

​These are some answers to my most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for then please do not be afraid to ask.


​Wedding Flowers 



​​ I invite all engaged couples to book a consultation to discuss their requirements; style, any themes, colour palettes and budget.



 I will need a ballpark budget from all couples, so I can help to maximize and prioritise their resources. There is no need to be quoting for wedding flowers that are way beyond their means!  As a general guide the budget for flowers is normally 10% of the total wedding cost.

Next steps

​ Once all the designs have been agreed in principle I’ll generate an estimate. If they would like me to provide flowers for their wedding, I can be reserved with a reasonable non-refundable retainer. 

Do you charge for a consultation?

  My consultations are free and with no obligation!! They are for you to enjoy and you can ask me any questions you may have. I love to hear your ideas but also if you don't have any ideas I can have plenty of advice to get you started.

Do you work alone?

 I will oversee your wedding flowers from your first consultation to the end of your big day. I do also have a network of other highly skilled colleagues who can work with me on particular large-scale events.

What information will you need from me?

 I will need the full criteria for each job, event/occasion, date, time and delivery details. All other information such as colour scheme or theme can be gathered along the way. 

Do you have more than one wedding on the same day?

 I can take more than one booking for the same day but I am careful to limit the work at any one time, so I do not compromise on my high standards of service.

How soon should we be booking a florist or Floral Designer?

 I recommend contacting Florists or a FD as soon as you know you will need our services. For weddings and large events we start to get booked up a year in advance. Even if you don't have every detail in place this early, some details and decisions about your flowers can made nearer to your wedding date, but at least you will have security, knowing that you have reserved your Florist/FD.

Despite this I can be called in at short notice! Just call me to see if I can help and l will let you know if I'm available.

Do you require a deposit?

 Yes, I normally ask for a non-refundable retainer of 10%.

How far do you travel?

 All of South East Kent, Central London and sometimes further. I may charge a delivery fee to cover expenses depending on the location but please feel free to ask me about that. 

How do we get our flowers? 

 I work within your timing requirements to deliver and set up all flowers in plenty of time on the day. Timings are all arranged and agreed with you before the day (so that you know what is happening and when). All reception and decorative flowers will be set up for you and undergone a quality check just a few hours before the event, so they are looking perfect for your arrival! 

Can you do a mock-up of designs? 

 It is certainly possible and advisable to do a mock up in advance but I do have to charge for this service as I will have to buy in the flowers especially. 

What's the difference between a Florist or Floral Designer? 

They both provide flowers but generally speaking here is the difference between the two business roles. Here is a guide: -


 Florists typically have a pre-set catalogue of designs they provide. ​​


 While Florists can provide flowers for all occasions too- they often work in a shop front and typically have a lot of product (flowers and greenery) on hand. They tend to operate from retail premises on a high street or parade, they accept online orders and have a same day delivery. Florists training can vary, starting from apprenticeships upwards.

​Floral Designers

 Floral Designers tend to create unique, one-of-a-kind items and be more flexible in what they can produce.


 They buy in specific stock to create arrangements to fit the style and needs of each client once they have been commissioned and don't usually accept last-minute or over-the-phone orders. They are usually home or studio based, and, not being constrained to shop premises, can be mobile and work on different locations too. 

​ Designers usually have undergone extensive training (City & Guilds, level 3 or above, qualification). They can compete regularly in competitions held within the floristry industry and keep abreast of the latest trends. Master Florists/Floral Designers' have gained City & Guilds Level 5 in Floristry which equates to a degree.

 As with all things, it's important to research all options and choose a Florist or FD who you like and connect with!