A guide to Prices

I favour making creating tributes using a mixture of flowers and textures and tend not to make the standard industry style designs formal 'based' designs (they are usually made with white 'based' chrysanthemums heads massed together with ribboning around the edge) but I can do. I frequently use Gypsophillia, Hydrangea, moss or roses to achieve a similar but softer effect instead. 

In any case, I provide funeral tributes in a variety of colours and sizes catering for every requirement and budget so here is a very basic guide

Coffin Covers Saying a final goodbye with a blanket of beautiful flowers is a truly splendid way of sending the deceased off in style. Designs can often drape across the width completely covering the coffin and they can vary in price between £200 up to £700 depending on the design and flower content. They are the most expensive option but they look amazing! 

Garlands of flowers and foliage fastened around the sides look particularly good on wicker or bamboo coffins. Prices vary depending on the length, content and season and type of coffin. For these large pieces, I will have to work on the actual coffin at the undertakers and I would liaise directly with them regarding this.

Coffin Sprays Usually a double ended spray, are routinely used as a main tribute to cover a coffin part way (subject to size). Sizes range between 4ft, 5ft and 6ft and are a fabulous collection of mixed foliage and flowers. Price wise the standard size 3ft with seasonal flowers or oriental lilies is around £100, and £45 per extra foot so a 5ft coffin spray of mixed flowers could be up to £200 the largest size 6ft would be about £245. 

Wreaths and Posies Their circular shape symbolizes eternity or endless remembrance. They are available either open called 'a wreath' or a solid round called 'a posy'. They have enormous design possibilities as there are so many options. They can be small 12 inches to 24 inches and can cost between £35 – £100.

Hearts Can be the most romantic of all funeral tributes and they are wonderfully versatile for conveying a heartfelt message of love and affection. They can be from close family members or from a very dear friend. Like all funeral tributes you can have these made in any style you like. They are available either open or closed (a solid heart), curved or double (two open hearts joined together) depending on the design and will cost between £60 for a loose open heart to around £150 for an all red rose heart and £250 for a large curved heart. 

Letters Literally anything can be said with letter tributes and words can be simple or complex as you like. Usually up to 7 letters can be accommodated in the hearse. I favour making 'open' letters (which are a mixture of flowers) and tend not to make the standard industry style designs - with white 'based' massed chrysanthemums heads and bright poly ribboning - but I can do if necessary. Prices range between £35 – £50 per letter depending on the flowers you choose. 

Pillows and Cushions Conveys peace and because of the endless design possibilities they too can make beautiful, poignant and meaningful tributes. There are so many options because I can either make my own pillow using biodegradable materials or use a foam base which come in 15", 18" or 21". They can cost around £50 – £120. 

Chaplets This shape dates back from ancient times when heroes were crowned with laurel. In those days the leaves of the bay tree were also used, this is reflected in the bay tree's latin name Laurus nobilis. Even to this day chaplets are particularly appropriate for military funerals. Memorial designs also, are usually in chaplet form.

Crosses An Aum, a Khanda, and a Star of David are classic choices where a religious significance is required. Large Crosses are equally fitting for a main family tribute. Sizes range between 2 – 6ft. They can be made in every type of style ranging from traditional, woven with grass, casual, rustic, loose or formal and are usually priced between £50 – £150 depending on the size, flowers and style chosen. 

Floral Sculptures and Unusual Shapes Novel ways to represent a special interest or hobby of the bereaved. A simple bespoke tribute will cost around £80 up to £250/£350 for something really complex. 

Basket or Trug A lovely design that is often kept by the bereaved as a memento of the day (because it's easy to take home after the service) or it can be sent as a token of condolence. Price wise, expect to pay between £30 to £60 depending on the flowers. 

Sheaf One of the simplest funeral tributes and serves so many requirements. I often make a large sheaves for a main tributes because they are easy to transport on long journeys. If they have a continuous water source they can be the longest lasting of all designs. After the service they can be untied, shared out and taken home. Small hand-tied sheaf's are especially suited for either small tokens of remembrance and condolence and are suitable for all age groups- young and old. A Sheaf can be a simple collection of flowers and foliage bound together or one large flower head with foliage and some decorative caging. Prices range between £35 – £250 depending on the size and flowers you choose. 

Children's Tributes 

Small scale designs are particularly suitable for children to give which I make with smaller materials. Similarly all of the above tributes can be scaled down for a child's tribute or I could make other shapes, for example, a teddy, an angel or a favourite cartoon character.  



I can deliver completed floral pieces wherever you wish. Some families ask that all flowers including the main tribute are sent to the funeral director. Others prefer that the funeral director receives just the casket spray, and the rest of the flowers are delivered to them at the family home.