personal tributes

Just as every funeral service is different, so should each tribute be. I offer a completely personal service to create emotive, meaningful and personal tributes.

Individual to you.

Tributes should be created to represent a person’s personality, their hobbies or occupation, to celebrate what was special about them and there are so many options available.

A tribute could be a simple hand-tied bouquet, called a Sheaf, or a shape could be more symbolic. A Wreath for eternity, a Heart for love, a Chaplet for military valour. ​Or more formal shapes chosen for their religious significance: a Cross, a Star of David and many others besides. 

There is a great variation of materials to use as well and styles can range from traditional to topical. From modern to casual. Or pretty and feminine to masculine and structural and anything else in between. Again, the choices and possibilities are endless!

Colour and texture are equally important so selecting the right tribute combining all the above elements can seem a daunting task!

There is no minimum order and all commissions, big or small, are beautifully handcrafted.  

For more information on prices please click on the below links for a guide.


Eco funerals -biodegradable tributes 

These are an increasingly popular option. Tributes can be constructed from natural materials and these can be laid anywhere safe with the knowledge that nature will reclaim.  

To Order

 If you would like to order from afar please either call or send a message and I will reply as soon as possible.

Why me?

Most undertakers have an arrangement with local florists where they take the order and then pass it on to the florist less a 20% commission. The system works well for many but if you want something more personal and would like all your money to go on the actual tribute it's best to order from me directly and then you can be sure you will be getting exactly what you want. 

​ "Louise, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful arrangement. You are certainly very talented. The thought and skill you put into designing such a gorgeous display was obvious. And, you did it at such short notice. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart x" 

Victoria Sandifer

"Thank you for your time, thoughtfulness and wonderful creativity. The funeral flowers for my Grandmother were just as she would have liked them. Thanks again, Elizabeth x"

Elizabeth Engeli‎